Image Staffing, Inc. was founded in 1980 by Wally and Diana Smith to answer San Diego's many temporary staffing needs. Their tradition of honor, integrity, and efficiency are what sets Image Staffing, Inc. apart from other agencies.

More About Us

We know that staffing a company is tough. All the interviews and paperwork is a huge investment of time and resources. And if you're investing all this energy and money into finding someone to work for you for only a couple of weeks while your prize employee is on vacation or out sick, it becomes a real hassle. Image Staffing is here to take that burden off your shoulders! Just call us, and we'll have a temp for you probably within an hour - pre-screened, interviewed, tested and ready to work!

Established and Respected

We've been doing business in San Diego since 1980 and have an established clientele who is consistently pleased with our temps. Your business will be able to benefit, too. You've got a business to run! Let us help you keep it moving forward when the need arises for reliable, temporary employees. Join our team at Image Staffing!